Lassi Benefits: It's Not Just A Drink, It's Food for Healthy Bones

 Lassi is a yogurt-based drink that has been consumed in India for centuries. It is made by blending yogurt with water, spices, and sometimes fruit. While it is often consumed as a refreshing beverage, lassi also has many health benefits. Lassi is a good source of calcium, which is essential for strong bones. It also contains probiotics, which are beneficial for gut health. Additionally, lassi can help to regulate blood sugar levels and boost immunity. So, next time you are looking for a healthy drink option, reach for a lassi!

What is lassi?

 Lassi is an Indian drink made with yoghurt. The health benefits of this drink have increased its popularity in recent years. This drink is made by mixing yoghurt with water, sometimes containing spices and fruit.

Lassi is good for health, especially bone health, because it contains protein and calcium.

 Lassi is an energizing drink which is cool in summer and warm in winter. If made from plain yogurt if contains no fat and little calory, which is why it is recommended for those dieting. Besides, it has probiotics which a good for our gut. 

Types of lassi

 There are three varieties of lassi :l, sweet, salty, and mango. Mango lassi is most widely eaten, but all enjoy have a benefit and distinctive taste.

 Sweet lassis are made from yogurt, water and sugar and they are light and fresh. They are considered the ideal summer drink. Sweet lassis can also be made with fruit by blending strawberries and water for a pure fruit drink. ‘A healthy body resided in a healthy stomach or vice versa’ is a famous saying in India.

 Lassis made with yogurt, water and salt are known as salty lassis. They have a tangy taste that cuts though rich curries or spiced dishes neatly, and are useful for rehydration after any challenging workout or in hot weather.

 Mango lassi is made of a mixture of yogurt, water, mango puree and sugar. It’s a thick, creamy beverage with the essence of sweet tropical fruit that is cooling and addictive. Add chopped nuts and cardamom, and you have a real treat.

The benefits of lassi

 Lassi is a yoghurt-based drink that has been enjoyed in India for hundreds of years. It is made by diluting yoghurt in water, flavouring it with spices and often, fruit. Lassi is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine for indigestion and is thought to have a downy, cooling, giving and refreshing effect.

 There are numerous health benefits of lassi for bones, hence it is referred as the ‘King of coolers’ These days people are more prone to bone problems, so lassi being a rich source of calcium and phosphorus is an excellent beverage to keep them healthy. Lassi is also a good source of probiotics, which aids in eliminating the bad bacteria and strengthens the digestive system in the gut. This in turn facilitates easy absorption of nutrients from food as well as supplements. Fermentation process of lassi also facilitates digestion, which is much easier than milk or yogurt alone.

 It’s not only good for the bones. lassi is actually good for losing weight. Its high in protein and low in calories! Here are the additional lassi health benefits. Lassi benefit. Lassi helps with the skin . Lassi helps with hair . Lassi helps with digestion.

Lassi recipes

 There are many lassi recipes, but one thing they have in common: Lassi is yogurt-based beverage from India. It is usually made from water, yogurt, spices and sometimes even from fruit.

 It is a good source of calcium – a great source of bones – and is also usefully probiotic, evidence that it does not hurt the gut, which is always healthy as it’s a support to your immune system. 

 If you are seeking a healthy and tasty way to get enough of the calcium you need every day, you can easily make one right now: Here is how to make your own lassi at home. We have selected our favourite recipes for you. 

 Basic lassi: The recipe goes thus yogurt + water+ salt + cumin. We can add some chopped mint or ginger for flavour. 

 Fruit lassi: Add some yogurt and a little water to any fruit, pulverise and drink! Here are some ideas, but you could use any fruit. Mango is a classic choice, but strawberries work well too. If nothing fresh is around, get some frozen fruit, a bit more water, and off you go. 

 Spiced Lassi: In this recipe, spices such as cinnamon and cardamom are added into the lassi mix. It is perfect for a winters day. It also has a pinch of black pepper added to the mix for a spicy kick.

How to make lassi

 Lassi is a refreshing and delicious yogurt-based drink, usually mixed with water and seasoned with different spices, which is a typical part of indian cuisine with many healthy benefits. Lassi is a rich source of calcium, since it helps with bone structure of the body, and also contains a probiotic which is healthy for digestion. Lassi can be made either in savoury or sweet flavours and it is typically served as an in-between meal snack or an accompaniment to meals.

 Lassi is just whisked yogurt, water and spices in a blender, with water and spices added to taste. I use almost any yogurt I have on hand, though whole-milk yogurt makes the creamiest lassi. You can use cane sugar or honey for a sweeter lasso, and leave out both the sweetener and the spices for a salty savoury lassi. Any kind of fruit and/or vegetable can be added to your lassi for added flavour and nutrition, and chilled or served over ice should do the trick.

Lassi for Healthy Bones

 Is lassi cool on your tongue? Look beneath it. It is even cooler for your skeleton. Lassi – a leading Indian probiotic beverage with humogous number of strains – is not only thirst-quenching but also healthy-bone inducing.

 The calcium of lassi helps in strengthening the bones and increase body’s immunity against Osteoporosis.This powerful nutrient can also be found in animal products such as salmon and in few plant based foods .Vitamin D has the ability to self-synthesis through exposure to sunlight and other specific wave lengths of energy.Since Yogurt or Milk from the fat free version are rich sources of Vitamin D, therefore, lassi is also considered a fortified source of Vitamin-D.Have calcium, have vitamin-D, increase the absorption of calcium means no Osteoporosis for you.

 Lassis made with water rather than milk are still rich in calcium, but they’re going to have a lower vitamin D content. If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, make sure you’re getting your vitamin D elsewhere – for example, also fortified.

 Either way, you’re a fine lassi, making a fine lassi! Your bones will be grateful! 

Lassi Side effects at Night

 Here are some potential side effects of lassi to keep in mind.

The main side effect of lassi is that it is very high in calories. If you are trying to lose weight or keep your weight in check, you may want to avoid lassi or at least minimise it.

Lassi can also cause indigestion and gassy feelings. If you have a sensitive stomach especially, you may want to avoid lassi or drink it in small amounts.

Lassi is high in lactose. If you are lactose intolerant, you should not consume lassi at all.


 Lassis are packed with probiotics, calcium, and other minerals that your bones will thank you for. If you don’t have a lassi vendor near-by, make sure to make some back at home using a little yogurt, milk and spices. Or just visit your closest Indian restaurant.